Acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine

with Ruth Schlesinger


From infertility to anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure to back pain and headaches, treatments with Ruth act as a catalyst, gently helping your body heal itself. 


Ruth Schlesinger, L.Ac offers acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine to treat the whole body.

She practices integrative medicine, which is a combination of the therapies of alternative medicine with those practiced by western medical practitioners.

In one visit, she may discuss with a patient lab results before doing acupuncture, give a tincture of western herbs as well as prescribe a supplement.

She is also a doula and is very comfortable treating patients in all stages of pregnancy as well as in pre-birth and labor. Ruth particularly appreciates the postpartum period and offers packages of postpartum home visits to support the mama and her family.

Ruth, you just gave me my life back. I feel so much better. Vitality again. I appreciate you immensely. Thank you for just being you!
— J.W.


Schedule an Appointment

For acute pain, pre-IVF transfer treatments, labor induction, or breech, please schedule a returning appointment if you are not a current patient.

Ruth can be available for home visits or visits outside her office hours - please contact her to inquire about that if needed.




Mon 12pm - 8pm
Wed 8am - 12pm
Thu 2pm - 6pm


New patient appointments include a full medical intake and discussion of reason(s) for visit, diagnosis, acupuncture treatment, and future plan of treatment. Herbal medicine and supplements are not included.

Please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

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Wellness Services


Chinese medical theory dictates that acupuncture address both the "ben" (root) and the "biao" (branch). The root is the reason for imbalance in the body and the branch is the group of symptoms manifested by the root. Ruth chooses a combination of points to treat the symptoms the patient is having as well as the underlying imbalances so that the symptoms do not return.

Ruth uses tiny Japanese needles so that her patients are comfortable but makes sure she taps into the "qi" or energy of the body so that the chosen acupuncture points and their meridians are activated.


Herbal and Nutritional Support

Ruth uses traditional Chinese medical theory to prescribe Chinese herbs - either in a granulated tea or pill form. She carries western herbs from a Sebastopol-owned company to create individualized tinctures and will frequently prescribe various supplements depending upon the needs of the patient.


Ruth will frequently run blood and saliva tests as needed to check, for example, cortisol, thyroid and other hormone levels, monitor blood sugar levels or to evaluate levels of a particular condition.

About Ruth

Ruth is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who uses integrative medicine to support her patient's’ general health. Her experience includes treating colds and boosting the immune system, balancing hormones and working with fertility, PMS and menopause, treating problems during pregnancy and optimizing digestion. An important part of Ruth’s work is supporting her patient’s emotional well being. She creates time and space for emotional processing as well as physical healing.

Ruth holds a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and became a California licensed acupuncturist in 2001.  During her final year of graduate school, she went to Sichuan, China and followed practitioners in the hospital, treated patients with acupuncture and took courses at the local university in various aspects of Chinese medicine.

Ruth will frequently work with a woman from fertility challenges to pregnancy, support her at her birth and work with her in the postpartum period. She also works a lot with premenstrual syndrome and menopausal imbalances.

I feel safe, I feel like she listens to me, I feel like she has my best interests at heart and I feel that Ruth’s skill has helped me to overcome many of the issues I started seeing her for.
— E.M.