What People are Saying


Support during IVF

"Going through IVF was a very stressful time in our lives. Not only did Ruth and all her knowledge keep us calm through it, but we ended up with success on our first round of IVF treatment. I now recommend acupuncture to anyone trying to conceive.”—L.P.

Overall help

“Ruth has been a tremendous help to me and my family for issues related to menopause, depression, anxiety and TMJ. I rely on her expertise to guide me to better overall emotional, physical and spiritual health.”—S.B.

Fertility support

"I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Ruth throughout my first pregnancy and now into my second.  I sought acupuncture as a source of helping with my infertility struggles.  As I attempted multiple interventions to get pregnant, Ruth helped to ease my mind through gentle counseling and my body through acupuncture.  She guided me in making decisions that were best for me and always respected my opinions and wishes.  I truly believe that Ruth has been given a gift.  She is knowledgeable, careful, attentive to details, and always makes me feel comfortable.  With the utmost confidence, I will always recommend Ruth to those seeking an acupuncturist."—E.K.

Pain relief and decrease in anxiety

"I started seeing Ruth Schlesinger for my overall health and well-being as my husband and I prepared to start a family. I had a fast pace life that left me very anxious and stressed and I needed to find a better balance before I could justify expanding our family. Additionally I was struggling with chronic pain, which had left my western medicine doctors stumped. I committed to weekly visits with Ruth and immediately began to notice a difference. The first thing I noticed was pain relief (which has remained permanent) followed by an overall decrease in my daily anxiety. Not only did I notice a difference but my husband and coworkers did as well. For the first time in a long time I felt like I had control over my anxiety instead of my anxiety having control over me. I saw improvements in my sleeping, moods and over all energy. Working with Ruth was one of the better decisions I have made. She is professional, integral, and has been a wonderful addition to my health and lifestyle team. She has an abundance of knowledge and is always helping me achieve my health goals. She has also helped me get connected with other healthcare professionals that compliment what I have been achieving through acupuncture. I am so appreciative of all that Ruth has done for me."—L.L. 

No more hot flashes

"I started seeing Ruth because I was at the end of my rope. I was suffering from hot flashes that were robbing me of sleep and making me feel terrible. I was also in a constant state of exhaustion. I appreciated Ruth's approach to treatment, taking things one step at a time and making adjustments along the way. It has been an amazing experience. With her treatment my hot flashes have all but disappeared and my sleep has resumed to normal. I am returning to my old self! Ruth is amazing in every way, treating the entire me! "—L.S.

Support during pregnancy and postpartum

"I worked with Ruth from preconception, throughout my pregnancy, all the way into the postpartum period. Her expertise and compassionate care have been an integral component of my entire childbearing experience, as grounding and supportive when treatments were 'business as usual' as when we were addressing more challenging complications. My partner and I think of Ruth as part of the inner circle of people whose love and support have brought our daughter into being. She is like part of the family...I may just have to get pregnant again in order to keep her around!"—C.A.

Menopausal symptoms

"Ruth Schlesinger and Blossom Healing Center have changed my life!  If you would have told me a year ago that I would be advocating acupuncture or actually looking forward to my appointments, I would have laughed out loud nervously .  But I had a friend swear on its' positive effects, and when another friend gave her testimonial, I decided to give it a try.  I was having problems with cysts on my ovaries, early menopause symptoms, and fertility.  I felt my beloved doctors had been ignoring what I was saying for several years.  And then I found Blossom Healing Center.  Ruth is soft spoken, kind, and a gifted healer who listened to what my problems were and set about fixing them.  Within the first month many of my early menopause issues had resolved.  I highly recommend Ruth, and I am extremely grateful to her."—B.S.

Treatment of allergies

"For my allergy-related bronchial coughing, I had seen numerous western medical specialists - Allergists and Pulminologists. They had prescribed all manner of steroids and drugs to deal with this "chronic condition". This went on for over a year without any significant relief. Following the suggestion of a friend, I decided to give acupuncture a try. From the first meeting with Ruth, I felt like her calm engagement towards my condition immediately made me feel confident in her abilities. Ruth prescribed herbs to supplement the acupuncture treatment and within a few weeks, the change was significant. Ruth was always consistent, patient and attentive and here it is one year later, without that "chronic cough"!"—H.M.

Vitality back

"Ruth, you just gave me my life back. I feel so much better. Vitality again. I appreciate you immensely. Thank you for just being you". "!"—J.W.

From back pain relief to treating the whole body

"I’ve been seeing Ruth Schlesinger for about 6 years.  I came in knowing very little about acupuncture and Chinese medicine on the recommendation of my MD after a back injury hadn’t improving after a long, extensive, expensive series of western treatments.  I was apprehensive and skeptical; Ruth changed all that for me.  

The acupuncture has been great, my back became a non-issue shortly after I started seeing Ruth.  The sciatic pain and crippling everyday pain I was living with is STILL gone.  I see Ruth for other things now, everything in fact: physical injuries, colds/flu’s, emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, etc.  I feel safe, I feel like she listens to me, I feel like she has my best interests at heart and I feel that Ruth’s skill has helped me to overcome many of the issues I started seeing her for.  

Ruth has always treated me with an abundance of love, tenderness, compassion, hilarity and knowledge.  Ruth is attentive, easy to get a hold of and reliable.  I cannot recommend Ruth Schlesinger highly enough."—E.M.

Transformation in both physical and emotional health

"Ruth Schlesinger has saved my life in so many ways! I began acupuncture with her three years ago for a specific medical condition based on a friend's recommendation; to be honest, I couldn't have been more skeptical of eastern medicine at the time.  However, within a few weeks, Ruth's fastidious study of my entire being - not just the immediate symptoms - revealed underlying thyroid and adrenal issues that explained not just the condition at hand, but also a myriad of other symptoms that I had thought were completely separate from each other. Slowly and steadily, she focused on my overall health, hormonal balance, and emotional well-being, through a combination of strategic acupuncture, herbs, and genuine care for me as a human.

As a result of Ruth's consistent tracking of data and trends within my daily life, along with her careful yet proactive treatment, I have witnessed a transformation in both my physical and emotional health in the last three years. No longer does my weight fluctuate without reason, nor do I fall into severe cycles of triggered depression. My body has been able to handle enormous amounts of stress in a calm, balanced, and healthy way, and this has further led me to make smarter decisions and gain more nuanced perspective in my life as a whole.  I can't thank Ruth enough for the huge role she has played in my overall growth as a person.  Her kindness, intelligence, and straightforward demeanor will never be forgotten."—T.G.


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